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you only get one chance to make a great impression

You’ve got a great business model. And hopefully a great business plan. But do you have a pitch that will make your company stand out, in a positive way, to investors?

An effective investor pitch is a lot more than a fancy PowerPoint or Keynote presentation that simply summarizes the business plan. Investors see hundreds of pitches – all promising the next big IPO or acquisition. What makes yours different?

There is a magic in a well-crafted pitch that captures investors attention, provides the information they need and creates a desire to act – to find out more about your company.

A successful investor pitch is a complex balance of the strategic and technical aspects of your business and the fine art of presenting.

10X investor presentation™

Our signature 10X Investor Presentation is customized pitch that answers the key questions that angels, venture capitalists and other potential funders will have about your business.

The 10X Investor Presentation layout is based on years of research into what investors want to know about your business before they say yes. The pitch covers the key topics related to your business from inspiration to successful exit.

The 10X Investor Pitch can be customized to your needs. If for example you are pitching to an angel investor group, the pitch can be configured to address the specific parameters of your presentation. The presentation can also be built to be a stand-alone document or an interactive pitch, it’s your choice.

But a good pitch deck is only half the equation. The 10X Investor Presentation service also includes pitch practice sessions for the individuals or team that will be doing the presentation. The goal is to have a dynamite presentation delivered by a confident presenter – the combination of those two elements will exponentially increase the odds of successfully closing your round.

client profile

Clients who engage our investor presentation services are typically seeking a seed or A-round of funding between $250k and $2m. Potential funding sources include high net worth individuals, accredited angel groups or venture capital firms.