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the 10x business plan

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The 10X Business Plan provides confidence for both entrepreneurs and investors

Successful entrepreneurs will attest to the power of putting strategy to paper in order to make your business vision a reality.

More than just a roadmap for the entrepreneur, a well-thought out business plan is a tool of communication. Banks and investors will look to your plan for evidence that your company can succeed. Your partners and employees will look at it as a ‘blueprint for the future.’

The planning process can also help you foresee potential risks and develop strategies for dealing with them before they occur.

The mission is simple – to work hand-in-hand with you to create a rock-solid plan that will enable you to turn your vision into reality.

10X business plan™

Our signature 10X Business Plan is an investor-centric plan that answers the key questions that bankers, angels and VCs will have about your business.

The 10X Business Plan format is based on years of research into what investors and lenders want to know about your business before they say yes. The plan covers the full spectrum of key topics related to your business – from inspiration to exit.

The 10X Business Plan will provide greater confidence about your business model, a clear roadmap for the future and the most important tool you’ll need to secure funding. A solid business plan will also serve as a central document in the critical due diligence phase that you’ll enter into with investors prior to funding.

client profile

Clients who engage our business planning services are most commonly in start-up or fast-growth mode.

They are building scalable ventures targeting multimillion dollar revenue streams over five years. The company is typically seeking a seed or A-round of funding between $250k and $2m. Potential funding sources include personal networks, accredited angels, venture capitalists or SBA lenders.

Industries can vary but often include technology, web applications, software, clean-tech, green-tech, consumer goods and medical including bio-medical.